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We offer a line of complete systems and replacement parts for new or existing commercial and industrial water treatment equipment.

From ultra pure water required for laboratory or medical use to large capacity, high flow rate conditioned water required for large facilities. We will have what you need.

Over the last few years there has been a great advancement in new technology and innovation throughout the water treatment industry. If you are looking for new equipment or upgrading present equipment we can help in the decision making process. 

Water Purification Services

• Professional Design and Consulting
• Preventative Maintenance Programs
• Emergency Repairs
• Installation
• Water Analysis
• Water Treatment Equipment
• Reverse Osmosis
• Water Softening
• Ultra Filtration
• Microfiltration
• Ultraviolet Sterilization
• Ozone
• Carbon Filtration
• Chemical Metering
• Filtration
• Monitoring Equipment
• Tanks (poly, stainless, fiberglass, plastic, steel, pressurized)
• Replacement and repair of parts, filters, cartridges, membranes, filter media, pumps, valves, pipes, tubing, ultraviolet lamps and housings

Areas of Expertise

We service businesses of all sizes and types. Here's a sampling of a few areas of our expertise:

• Pharmaceutical
• Manufacturing
• Hotels
• High Purity Systems and Piping for Dialysis
• Hospitals/Clinics
• Food Processing
• Printing Press
• Car Washes
• Nursing Homes
• Universities
• Apartment complexes
• Laundry facilities
• Various commercial piping installations

If you would like more information or a FREE estimate on any of the products or services we offer, call us at 215-721-6160, email us at

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