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No matter what the source, well water or public water, it is worth it to have your water tested. Public water is also well water and the quality may vary depending on where you live, or how far it has to travel through pipes beneath the streets. Well water is known for inconsistencies. You may have stains, foul odors or taste from your water while your neighbor does not have these problems, even though you may have wells of equal depth. With the results from the testing, Blum Water Solutions can locate the problem and recommend the right resolution and system for your specific needs.

Blum Water Solutions offers a wide variety of well testing packages from a simple coliform bacteria test to more inclusive packages. Samples are drawn on site by a laboratory trained technician and are tested by a third party PADEP certified laboratory. Call our office for pricing and scheduling.

If you are inquiring about a test for a real estate transaction, check with your mortgage company, realtor, or legal counsel to determine what testing is required.

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