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We stock some of the highest quality pumps in the groundwater business. We sell pumps that are on the cutting edge of engineering and manufacturing and are the No. 1 choice for individuals seeking quality, dependability and durability. Call us today for more information on our complete line of well water pumps and products.

Application is key to making this purchase.  To bring out the best in a jet pump or a submersible, you have to have all the pertinent information concerning what you want the pump to do.  What needs to be considered is how deep is the well, what is the well yield, is there a lot of sediment present in the water or how much water do you want or need to pump? The professionals at Blum Water Solutions LLC can answer any questions you may have and suggest a pump which will work best for you, and provide years of dependable trouble free service.

The submersible pump is a centrifugal pump.  Because all stages of the pump end (wet end) and the motor are joined and submerged in the water, it has a great advantage over other centrifugal pumps, There is no need to re-circulate or generate drive water as with jet pumps, therefore, most of its energy goes toward “pushing” the water rather than fighting gravity and atmospheric pressure to draw water.

Submersible pumps are very efficient, (as much as 2 times more efficient than a jet pump), when it comes to pumping water out of your well.  Two separate components make up the submersible pump, an electric motor and a water pump.  The electric motor drives the water pump and is cooled by water flowing around the motor.  The water pump has multiple stages of impellers to push the water up the well and to your house.  Its designed to be maintenance free, since the pump and motor sections are sealed.  On most models you can replace the motor or pump if it fails.  A top of the line brand can provide years of trouble free service.    

Jet Pumps are mounted above ground and lift the water out of the ground through a suction pipe.  Jet pumps are popular in areas with high water tables and warmer climates.  There are two categories of jet pumps and pump selection varied depending on water level.  Shallow well installations go down to a water depth of about 25 feet.  Deep wells are down 150 feet to water, where surface pumps are involved.

The term comes from the way this type of pump gets the water out of the well.  It sets above ground and uses pressure differential to lift water up the pipe and out of the well, instead of pumping it out.  It has an electric motor which drives a centrifugal pump and the motor or pump can be replaced if it fails.  Jet pumps are great for use in shallow irrigation wells, especially if there is a lot of sand in the water.  Since a jet pump does not have the typical pumping setup, it does well in certain applications.        

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