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Ultraviolet sterilization is a proven, practical, and highly efficient means of destroying Pathogenic (disease-causing) micro-organisms in water. Ultraviolet systems provide bacteria free water without the use of chlorine or other harsh chemicals and without adding any foreign taste, odor, corrosive, irritating, or allergenic properties to the water.

You should be aware, fresh water is not always safe to drink. Well water may be contaminated by sewage, septic tank, industrial or other waste. The clearest-looking, best tasting water may still be unsafe for human consumption.

When bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms are exposed to ultraviolet light at a particular wavelength (254 nanometers) their reproductive capabilities are destroyed. They become inactivated and no longer pose a threat to human health.

Some benefits include:

• No chemical additives
• Low operating costs
• Low maintenance
• No taste or odor

ATS Ultraviolet Sterilizer Systems

The ATS Ultraviolet Disinfection System is an effective way to provide bacteria free water for your home or industry 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Today's Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems are setting the standards for water disinfection requirements in the water treatment industry.


Spec Sheet

ATS SE-7, 15, and 24

Spec Sheet

ATS Solenoid Monitor

Spec Sheet

Sterilight Ultraviolet Sterilizer Systems

This modular line of UV disinfection systems can be used in a multitude of applications where flexibility and pricing deciding factors. Smaller Sterilight® systems are ideal for point-of-use filtration, while the larger systems can be used as a point-of-entry system to disinfect the water for an entire home or cottage.

• Models to treat up to 12 GPM
• Environmentally friendly
• No harmful chemicals
• Does not change water's taste, color or odor
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